Local Aquaponics Growers COmmittee

This committee is responsible for member education. Sourcing high quality content and resources for the members-only area of the web site. Hosting the annual Tour de Tanks community event. Find and recruit local growers. Provide content to the newsletter.

One-hour conference call every fourth Wednesday of the month, from 4:30 - 5:30 (PDT)

Letter of invitation


Recommended Priority Objective #5 – Local Aquaponics Growers

Committee: Sundown Hazen (leader), Ryan Stock, Jeff Pernell, Tom Bassford


This committee has accepted responsibility for developing a national base of local grower members, and a set of member services which are relevant to attract them and retain them in our Association.




1.) Over the next three years, introduce and continue to support services which will offer an important member benefit for the Local Aquaponics Grower’s segment.


2.) Participate with other committees in the development and providing content for a member communication platform (newsletter and forum)


3.) Develop membership sales materials for this segment, and use it to recruit 400 new members before the next conference. We will learn how to convert trial members to regular members.


Success measures

-       Active membership on this committee from non-Board members

-       Local Aquaponics Grower members count

-       LAGer’s membership retention

-       Frequency and volume of LAG members reading/using/downloading content and corresponding to us (how good are our analytics capabilities?)



Our first service will be a Calendar of Events and Networking Opportunities. Networking and education are common needs for both new and experienced local growers.  This calendar will be available on the Association’s web site, with highlights and a pointer to the full listing included in the member newsletter. Our committee will search for and provide the calendar content from many sources.  This is our first service because it’s a core member need and easier to do initially.


Our second service will be to organize the 2016 Tour de Tanks, with significantly greater participation across the country, and member recruitment materials or activities at each aquaponics location. Our committee will organize and execute this event.


Once the association has a functional IT platform for member communication, our third service will be a members-only Index to Aquaponics Learning, a searchable, easy-to-use repository of archived content which has been member-reviewed or peer-reviewed for relevance.  This content may originate as blog entries, then move into the indexed archive to become available for reviews. It may also include books already published on the subject, pointers to video or audio recording from conferences, and commentaries by academic or practitioner members.

Action Plan Sequence

Association and Committee Membership

1.     Coordinate Committee member recruitment for this committee, and assign action plans below. (Active)

2.     Understand who are members (of this segment) now, who has/has not renewed.

3.     Survey existing members to better understand the relative priority of their needs and reasons to join or renew. (Active)

4.     Confirm with other Committees and the full Board the membership and pricing categories.

5.     Get the renewal rate up.  Yes, this is marketing and sales without much behind it yet.

Participation with Member Communication Platform

6.     Write a “member spotlight” article on one association member who is in the local grower segment.


Calendar of Events and Networking Opportunities

7.     First calendar of events and networking opportunities, with commentary on a few events for the newsletter.

8.     Develop an ongoing list of sources, and a sub-committee to track these sources to update our listing.  We should have THE DEFINITIVE LISTING of all events across the US and selected international conferences.

2016 Tour de Tanks

9.     Review existing Tour de Tanks materials and solicit “good, better, how” for 2015.

Index to Aquaponics Learning

10.  Develop the outline framework for the index to aquaponics learning.



This will have to be approved by our committee (and add Dates started/Expected completion/Actual completion dates) and approved and adopted by the Board.