Obtain $1000 to promote the benefits of aquaponics through education and outreach!

Members of the Aquaponics Association can apply for grants of up to $1000.  Deadline for proposals occur quarterly


  • 15 Jun 2015 << Next micro grant opportunity
  • 15 Sep 2015
  • 15 Dec 2015
  • 15 Mar 2016


The goal of the Micro Grant Program is to increase public awareness, understanding, and knowledge of aquaponics as an educational tool, a hobby, or a business in providing a source of fresh, local, healthy food.

Preference is given to educational/outreach based activities that focus on developing aquaponics systems or a plan to move existing growing systems toward aquaponics. Members must submit grant applications to Submit my Micro Grant by midnight of the appropriate deadline to be considered for one of three microgrants awarded each quarter. For more information and to apply, download the Micro Grant Application.

Please direct all questions to us at Questions About Micro Grants. Draft proposals may be submitted for pre-deadline review and feedback.

Our members help make a difference every day. Let us help you promote aquaponics—apply for a grant today.


About the Jesse Hull Micro Grant Program

Jesse Hull was one of the inaugural officers in the Aquaponics Association when it was formed in 2011, serving as Vice Chair for what was then the US Chapter of the organization.

Jesse was the one who argued for the creation of the Micro Grant Program, and spearheaded the original application process.

Jesse was noted for his passion for aquaponics, co-founding Imagine Aquaponics along with Molly Stanek and adhering to firm principles of honor, scientific honesty, and hard work.

Jesse passed away on January 25th in Dallas, TX. In the announcement of this sad event, Molly wrote:

Jesse had the rare gifted mind of a scientist and the soul of an artist. His passion for a life of truth, beauty, and justice was embodied in his dedication to the urban agriculture movement, aquaponics, and crystalline ceramics. He has inspired countless, and in his wake has left a legacy of love, goodness and pure genius.

We are honored to continue Jesse's legacy by adding his name to the microgrant program he advocated.