Growing Farm Profits e-Course [Part 1] | Managing Your Farm as a Business

This Southern Sustainable Agriculture Work Group's online course was developed for farmers and for those who help farmers develop more sustainable farming enterprises. While this course will definitely have a vegetable production slant, many of the concepts and principles discussed will be informative to other producers.

SSAWG is providing a range of materials they expect will be helpful to you on your path to growing your farm profits. Many of the educational materials and recordkeeping tools provided here are ones they use in their popular Growing Farm Profits classroom trainings. To ensure that these resources have useful practical application in the real world of farming, these resources were largely developed with considerable input from farmers.

We will be providing this course to you in the following sections twice a week (on Sunday) and Wednesdays):

  • Managing Your Farm as a Business — Jim Munsch (below)
  • Whole Farm Profit Management — Ellen Polishuk (Weds 3/11)
  • Analyzing and Making Decisions with Veggie Compass — Ellen Polishuk (Sun 3/15)
  • Using Individual Crop Budgets — Jim Munsch (Weds 3/18)
  • Benchmarking: Making Adjustments Based on Comparisons — Ellen Polishuk (Sun 3/22)
  • Discovering Prices: What Do Others Charge for Produce? – Jim Munsch (Weds 3/25)
  • Setting Your Prices: Making Sure You Make a Profit – Jim Munsch (Sun 3/29)
  • Managing Labor Costs — Ellen Polishuk (Weds 4/1)
  • Pulling It All Together: Making Decisions for the Coming Season — Ellen Polishuk (Sun 4/5)

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