2016 Association Elections to be held in November 2016

As we have done in the past, the election of executive officers of the Aquaponics Association will be held in conjunction with our Aquaponics Association Conference.

There are four positions up for election this year, with a short description of each:

Chairman - responsible for the Association, approves all communications or designates spokespeople for the Association, term is two years

Vice Chairman - assists Chairman and replaces Chairman in case the Chairman cannot continue in the elected role due to permanent or temporary incapacity, desired term is two years, but will be one year for this term

Treasurer - handles financial reporting and replaces Chairman if neither the Chairman or Vice Chairman can continue in their elected role, term is one year

Secretary - handles minutes, membership list, and assists with website maintenance, term is one year

When the Aquaponics Association was formed, the bylaws were set up to require officers and voters be members in good standing of the Association for at least three months prior to the election. There was also a requirement that officers not be members of the same family or the same business. These two sets of requirements were put in place to prevent any particular business or family from gaining too much control over the Association, and to prevent an influx of late comers from radically shifting the leadership of the organization. 

As will be discussed in a future post, there has been a motion to change the rules to waive the three month requirement. However, in the case that motion isn't seconded or passed, the current bylaws require that an individual be a member in good standing (dues paid, not under disciplinary sanction) for at least three months prior to the election in question. As the voting for officers will close on November 12, 2016, those wishing to submit their candidacy for office or vote in the election must have paid the $45 membership fee by August 12, 2016. Donations of $45 or more will include an individual in member correspondence regarding elections.

For more information on the duties associated with each office, please see Article 12 of the Aquaponics Association Bylaws.