About The Association

The Mission

The mission of the Aquaponics Association is to promote the benefits of aquaponics through education and outreach.

The Vision

The primary goals and/or vision of this association are as  follows:

  1. To promote the benefits of aquaponic growing;
  2. To educate the general consumer and food safety officials about the inherent safety of aquaponically grown food; and
  3. To dispel myths and rumors about aquaponically grown food.

The vision for this organization is that it will also create educational materials, facilitate an aquaponic speaker’s bureau and act as a resource or liaison to the press. Eventually it could also possibly offer legal and insurance assistance and standards and certification for our rapidly growing commercial aquaponic industry.


Profile picture of Brian

Brian Filopowich


Brian drives the Associaiton’s strategic vision and manages investor relations. Before the Associaiton Brian was involved in several startups.

Profile picture of Julie

Julie Flegal-Smallwood

Vice Chair

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Kevin Savage


Tawnya Sawyer

Board member

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Claudia Andracki


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Melissa Voss

Membership Director

Profile picture of Kate Wildrick

Kate Wildrick

Senior Advisor

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Aaron Imhof

Tech Director


The Aquaponics Association, 501c3 is headquartered
in Washington, DC.

DC (Headquaters)
284 15th Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003