Speaker Spotlight: Angela TenBroeck on Food Safety

Food Safety

You don’t need to look farther than CNN to realize that whether you grow food in your backyard for your family or you are a commercial grower, food safety is of utmost importance. This year at the Aquaponics Association Conference, Angela TenBroeck will deliver two dynamic, engaging and revealing presentations on:

  1. Commercial Aquaponics Food Safety: How can growers best insure the safety of the food they provide to their consumers. Learn how to create and implement a food safety program across all levels of your business from the material you use to start your seeds to the methods with which you deliver the produce to your customer. Angela will also discuss the legal food safety standards that commercial growers must comply with.
  2. Community Aquaponics Food Safety: Learn how to work towards making sure the products you grow and sell are safe. Learn simple, straight-forward practices to improve food safety in your local community-scale aquaponic systems.



Angela TenBroeck has been a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years – with extensive experience in both the public and private sector. A fourth-generation farmer, Angela  and her family have been hydroponic farmers in North Florida since the 1970s. Angela is also a professional educator who has logged more than fifteen years in middle and high school education and administration, with emphasis in STEM and health curricula. In her time as an educator, Angela managed a $2 million Magnet Schools Assistance Program federal grant.

In 2013, her passion for sustainability and community outreach led Angela on a journey to launch the Center for Sustainable Agricultural Excellence and Conservation, a non-profit with a goal to change the lives of local farmers by offering a model for modern and sustainable farming practice. Given her background, she is an accomplished public speaker (e.g., Tedx 2014) with subject matter expertise in food safety, water and soil conservation techniques, STEM Health/Medicine education, and advanced methods of sustainable agriculture

Leveraging her experience in developing and operating the first commercial aquaponics facility in the world to obtain Safe Quality Food Level 3 certification, Angela  left day-to-day farm operations at Traders Hill Farm in early 2017 to change the hunger landscape. Angela has managed and advised on agricultural products across the United States and the Caribbean. Angela  runs Aqua Hortus, a company leading the way in services to develop and operate controlled-environment facilities to grow the highest quality and safest produce year-round, regardless of climate.

Another one of her current projects, Foodery Farms, changes the way brownfields are used in communities with food insecurities. The Pura Farms concept cycles clean water between farmed fish and vegetables, while utilizing solar energy. The use of elaborate biosecurity measures keeps pests out of the greenhouse, allowing Pura Farms produce to be “Beyond Organic,” with no need for chemicals or pesticides of any sort.

As the CEO and co-founder of Foodery Farms, Angela TenBroeck is working in conjunction with Pura Farms to launch aquaponic farms, with proprietary processes she has developed, throughout the United States and beyond. Pura Farms’ mission is to feed our communities with healthy, delicious and nutritious foods, eliminate food safety issues, and educate our future on the importance of protecting planet earth.

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CEU Credits for Putting Up Shoots

Redlands Community College in El Reno, OK is pleased to partner with the Aquaponics Association to award continuing education credit for Putting Up Shoots conference attendance. Educators and other professionals who would like CEUs for all or part of the conference can complete an on-site request form indicating the sessions attended. Upon submission, attendees will be mailed a certificate designating the appropriate number of CEUs. In addition, this continuing education credit will be formally transcripted at Redlands Community College. Questions regarding continuing education credit can be directed to Conference Vice-Chair Julie Flegal-Smallwood (julie.flegalsmallwood@redlandscc.edu).

The Nutmeg-Ponics Tour

We named our Saturday tour in honor of the great state hosting our conference: Connecticut, the humble “Nutmeg State”.

Saturday, September 22 8:30 – 12:00pm

Farm A: Trifecta Ecosystems, Meriden, CT

Farm B: Keney Park Sustainability Project, Hartford, CT

Trifecta Ecosystems

Trifecta Ecosystems is Connecticut’s leader in aquaponics technology and the controlled environment agriculture industry. Based out of Meriden, CT, Trifecta’s mission is to cultivate The City that Feeds Itself™. We’re creating incentives for communities to grow their own food while raising awareness about sustainable farming through education, workshops, and city projects. Trifecta’s line of aquaponics systems gives schools, organizations, and community groups the tools they need to contribute to their local food system, while benefiting the education, therapy, and skill-training sectors in a meaningful way.

Website: http://trifectaecosystems.com/

Keney Sustainability Park

The Keney Park Sustainability Project (KPSP) intends to create the next generation of healthy, productive and environmentally conscious citizens. Our mission is to provide hands-on training, on-site demonstrations, education outreach and community collaborations that help families become more self-sustainable and environmentally conscious, while preserving the historic Keney Park.

Website: http://www.keneyparksustainability.org/

Also check out the Husky-Ponics tour on Friday!

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Learning Track: Aquaponics Research & Food Safety

One of our four learning tracks at the September Putting Up Shoots conference is Aquaponics Research & Food Safety.

Aquaponics is a practice that dates back thousands of years, but we’ve barely begun to harness its full potential. The Conference will bring together the top aquaponics researchers from all over the world to discuss the latest developments and identify the next areas of progress.

The Conference will feature interactive sessions to make the latest science accessible and practical to growers of all sizes.

And importantly: aquaponics will not make it far unless we can comply with the latest food safety regulations. The Conference will provide a venue so that we can develop the common standards we need to grow, and a unified message to food safety regulators. Save your spot: https://aaasociation.wpengine.com/2018-conference/

Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Aquaculture/Aquaponics in Brazil

July 16, 2018

The Aquaculture Center of The Sao Paulo State University, Caunesp (Jaboticabal, SP, Brazil) offers TWO Post-Doctoral fellowships funded by FAPESP. The selected candidates should have completed their Ph.D. less than seven years before the application deadline, should not hold any employment/job relationship as the fellowship requires full time dedication to the research project. Both candidates will conduct research and related activities on AQUAPONICS systems through the development of the project “CITYFOOD – Smart integrated multitrophic city food production systems – a water and energy saving approach for global urbanization” (Belmont Forum 11205864 and FAPESP 2017/50431 -9).

Applications should be forwarded to the project coordinator Prof. Dr. Maria Celia Portella 

(portella@caunesp.unesp.br and aquaponic.sugi.br@outlook.com) and must contain the following:

-An updated Curriculum Vitae (CV Lattes for Brazilians)

-A copy of the Ph.D. thesis (.pdf)

-A motivation letter with a clear indication of the position of interest (please, see below)

-Two letters of recommendation

-English proficiency is highly desirable, given the multi-institutional and international character of the project, involving institutions and researchers from Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, the United States and Brazil.

The application deadline is August 15, 2018. Please, contact the project coordinator if you have any questions or wish to receive further details of the project.

Position 1: Ph.D. on Animal Sciences, Agriculture, Aquaculture or Biology. Candidates should have experience on installation and management of aquaponics systems, hydroponics or recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS). The successful candidate will be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the Living Lab at Caunesp for aquaponics production as well as conducting experiments in the Living Lab.

Position 2: Ph.D. on Social Sciences, Economics or Aquaculture. Candidates should have experience on socio-economic assessments applied to aquaculture. The successful candidate will develop activities related to the economic and social aspects of the project, including: economic analysis of the project and the Brazilian aquaponic production, evaluation of the social impacts of the project, supporting the aquaponic productions carried out in the Living Lab, and the dissemination of technology generated.

Both fellows will receive a FAPESP Post-Doctoral Fellowship stipend in the amount of (R$ 7,174.80 per month (~ U$ 1,910), plus a research contingency fund equivalent to 15% of the annual value of the fellowship stipend, which should be spent in items directly related to the research project. More information about the FAPESP Postdoctoral Fellowship is available at www.fapesp.br/en/5427.



Aquaponics Conference is at The Hilton

We’re so excited to host the 2018 “Putting Up Shoots” Aquaponics Association Conference at the Hilton Hartford in Hartford, CT!

This gorgeous venue will host all of our sessions, breakout groups, happy hours, and guests from near and far, making it easy to see every speaker and network all weekend long!

Stay at the Hilton and experience spacious, comfortable guest rooms with beautiful views of the city, innovative bistro dining, a gym and indoor pool, and so much more!

Located in the heart of Hartford, CT. Just steps away from many things to do in the evening after a fun day at the conference.

We have set up a block of rooms at a special rate at The Hilton Hartford.

Book your room today !

Speaker Spotlight: Spencer Curry

Bridging Vision Into Reality: How To Apply Both To Your Aquaponics Venture, The Right Way


Putting Up Shoots Conference Commercial Aquaponics Speaker Presentation
September 21-23, 2018  —  Hartford, CT

Spencer Curry  CEO and co-founder of Trifecta Ecosystems.

Trifecta Ecosystems is Connecticut’s leader in aquaponics technology in the controlled environment agriculture industry. With extensive experience in aquaponics, Spencer and his team are working to cultivate the City that Feeds Itself™ in Meriden, CT and beyond by revealing hidden incentives for communities to grow their own food while raising awareness about sustainable farming. Under his leadership, Trifecta has secured $2 million in funding from the Regional Water Authority of New Haven, has built out a 3,500 sq. ft. indoor urban farm, is working with clients in the education, I/DD, and community development spaces, and has won a number of prestigious awards. Outside of the farm, you can find Spencer hiking (probably with his dog Gabe), listening to audiobooks, and sending weird memes on Instagram.


Presentation Overview:

There’s a little secret about the commercial aquaponics industry that you may not know – it doesn’t really exist yet. However, there are many markets and consumer groups that you may have never thought of that need aquaponics right here, right now. Dive into the future of aquaponics with Spencer Curry, CEO and co-founder of Connecticut’s own Trifecta Ecosystems, and discover the difference between vision and reality, and how both can be used to benefit each other when growing in the commercial aquaponics industry.

We’ll explore the mission behind the City that Feeds Itself™ and take an in-depth look into sectors that are spending on aquaponics right now – helping you to make a solid plan for your business while staying true to your vision. Don’t miss out on this session that will force you to think outside the farm!

Vendor Spotlight: Stalite Environmental

Stalite specializes in engineered growing media blends and will be making a presence at this years conference as one of our vendors.

STALITE is the world’s leading manufacturer of expanded slate lightweight aggregate. STALITE Environmental uses the best lightweight aggregate in the world which they blend with other quality natural products to create custom mixes that meet the highest standards for each application.

Take a look at the specifications for our Aquaponics Blends: Stalite 3-4 Side Aquaponic _7-10-2018 (1)


Stalite Lightweight Expanded Slate Aggregate Media
-Manufactured in North Carolina
-Strongest Lightweight Aggregate Available
-50% Additional Surface Area 
-Sterile, Inert
-Available in Several Gradations
-They can ship material anywhere
Check out Stalite at our 2018 Putting Up Shoots Conference. 

Senate Farm Bill Includes Provisions for Aquaponics and Hydroponics

Read what the Senate’s Farm Bill includes for Aquaponics, click here: Senate Farm Bill Fact Sheet

The U.S. Senate on July 5 passed a draft of the 2018 Farm Bill that includes provisions specifically relating to aquaponics, hydroponics, and other sustainable growing methods. (Maybe our 200+ signature sign-on letter had an effect!)

The Senate’s draft is an improvement over the House draft, which did not even mention aquaponics. But Congress must still do more to support local, efficient agriculture.

The House and Senate must now reconcile their two versions and vote on a final version in the upcoming weeks. We need to make sure that, at a minimum, the Senate’s aquaponics provisions are included in the final draft.

The Farm Bill is intended to provide an adequate national supply of food and nutrition. It is passed once every five years. Both the House and Senate version of the 2018 Farm Bill allocate over $400 billion in spending.

In February, the Aquaponics Association sent over 200 signatures to Congress. We asked Congress to ensure that crop insurance, crop subsidy, research, conservation, and all other Farm Bill programs apply equally to aquaponics as to traditional soil growing.

We need to make sure Congress supports sustainable agriculture. Click here to join the 2018 Aquaponics Farm Bill Coalition. Next week we’ll send another letter to Congress reminding them of the importance of aquaponics to the future of food production.


Grocer Boasts of Local Aquaponic Salmon

Festival Foods, a Wisconsin grocer, recently boasted that it’s the first retailer to sell Superior Fresh‘s Atlantic Salmon:

“Superior Fresh is an industry leading aquaponics facility specializing in leafy greens. Their facility, which is situated on a 720 acre native restoration property in the Coulee Region of Wisconsin, is now producing Atlantic Salmon for our Meat & Seafood Department.”

Festival Foods also stocks Superior Fresh’s leafy greens.

“We’re thrilled to be the first retailer to sell this incredible product! Fish at Superior Fresh are raised indoors in a recirculating aquaculture system, a method of aquaculture that is the best for the environment and gives growers complete control to create the perfect growing conditions. All Superior Fresh production water is irrigated and does not get discharged to surface waters of the state.

“Six reasons you need to try this delicious fish:

1. They’re grown right here in Wisconsin!

2. They are grown without any antibiotics or pesticides ever. No contaminants or pollutants like you’ll find in the ocean.

3. They’re high in Omega-3 fatty acids.

4. Superior Fresh received the Highest Sustainability Ranking of “Best Choice” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

5. The fish are fed an organic diet.

6. Amazing flavor!”