International Aquaponics Conference Coming To Hartford, CT this September


June 18, 2018

Contact: Brian Filipowich


International Aquaponics Conference Coming to Hartford, CT this September

WHO: The Aquaponics Association

WHAT: Putting Up Shoots; Annual Aquaponics Conference

This three-day conference will feature: the top aquaponics experts from around the world; tours of commercial aquaponics operations; a vendor showroom with the latest aquaponics technology; live builds and hands-on demonstrations; and interactive discussions and social events for aquaponics growers of all stripes to collaborate.

The Conference will feature four learning tracks: Commercial Aquaponics; Community Aquaponics; Aquaponics Research & Food Safety; and Aquaponics in STEM Education

WHEN: September 21-23, 2018

WHERE: Hilton Hartford Hotel, Hartford, CT

WHY: The Aquaponics Association’s annual conference is to advance the practice of aquaponics by connecting growers, researchers and enthusiasts from around the world.

BACKGROUND: Aquaponics is method of cultivating fish and plants in an efficient, water-based system. It has the potential to greatly decrease the toll of agriculture on our environment, stimulate local economic growth anywhere, and improve our health through better access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish.

Last year in Portland, Oregon the Aquaponics Association’s annual conference theme was Putting Down Roots, where we had over 250 guests from over 10 countries. This year we are crossing the country for Putting Up Shoots, signifying the next step of our practice’s growth.

The Conference will unite guests from all corners of the aquaponics practice, including: growers, aquaculture professionals, equipment suppliers, teachers, students, researchers, regulators, policy-makers, investors, chefs and more.

This collaborative event will identify how we can work together to overcome barriers and grow more of our food with aquaponics.

Link to Putting Up Shoots Conference Homepage

Important New Economic Agriculture Report

This new TEEB report is kinda nerdy, but if you are an aquaponic grower it’s vitally important.

TEEB (“The Economics of Ecosystems & Biodiversity”) is a global initiative focused on “making nature’s values visible”. They have just released their latest report; Scientific and Economic Foundations.

Here’s the problem the report addresses: our current food system is loaded with invisible costs: 1) health care costs from pesticide use; 2) antibiotic resistance from rampant antibiotic use in our meat; 3) excessive water use; 4) aquatic dead zones from agricultural runoff; 5) excessive carbon use for food transport; 6) biodiversity loss from clearing land to feed a growing population, etc etc etc…

Here’s one specific example: a forest provides value to every human being: 1) it filters water; 2) it prevents erosion; 3) it sequesters carbon and releases oxygen; and 4) it preserves biodiversity which prevents against infestation, disease, and extinctions which could irreparable harm our entire ecosystem.

So if a large industrial grower clears 1,000 acres of forest to grow more corn, who is paying for this loss of value? Somebody else, or future generations.

In our “free market” form of capitalism, these costs should be taken into account and built into the cost of production. But because these costs are hard to quantify and evaluate, we simply ignore them and stick our heads in the sand like a flock of ostriches.

TEEB is the world’s leading effort to actually put a pricetag on these costs.

As aquaponic growers, we are able to grow the most fruits, vegetables, and fish with the absolute minimum resources necessary. And we can do it without pesticides, without antibiotics and without agricultural runoff. And we can do it local no matter where you are, from cities to deserts, from rooftops to warehouses.

In our “free market” economy, we need to put a price tag on hidden costs in order for aquaponic growers to fully monetize their efficiency.

Can you imagine how much aquaponics would grow if our economy started to charge the true cost of water, carbon, antibiotics, pesticides, deforestation, agricultural runoff, etc? The price of the industrially produced lettuce from 1,000 miles away would go way up, but the aquaponic-grower from your hometown could deliver it without an increase.

This TEEB report is a critical step in that direction.



Call for Conference Presentations

My name is Kemp and I am Co-Chair for the annual Aquaponics Association conference this September in Hartford, CT.

The word is out! We have some incredible things happening at the organization right now! We have a fully staffed board from all across the country and from all walks of life. We have instituted weekly board calls to bring the Association into compliance and to create a better user experience for our members. In continuing to build on our first quarter success the board has set it’s sights on the yearly Conference and we are actively building out the content that will drive this event.

It is our hope that in delivering a top-tier conference, that we can substantially move Aquaponics forward as a respected, sustainable, and replicable medium.

Are you a commercial grower with a specialty crop?

Are you a STEM teacher with incredible students?

Are you a backyard hobbyist with a great story to tell?

Are you a researcher with groundbreaking aquaponic technology?

We hope to bring the best speakers and ideas to the front this year and we would love to hear from you!

Please submit a proposal if you are a speaker that may be a benefit to our industry or know of someone that would be a great addition to our conference.

CLICK HERE to submit a proposal

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and please visit our website!

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kemp Bromberg
Putting Up Shoots Conference Co-Chair
Executive Board Member, Aquaponics Association

Carlos Leon; Development of Bio-Engineering for Commercial Aquaponics

Carlos Leon of Acuaponia will discuss the Development of Bio-Engineering for Commercial Aquaponics this September at the Putting Up
Shoots conference. Carlos operates commercial farms in Mexico, and is one of several international speakers at the conference.
Design criteria for aquaponic systems have evolved over the past several years. At first, the focus was just fish and plants. But now, new hybrid systems use biotechnology to incorporate other products.
Carlos will discuss the commercial production of shrimp and algae in aquaponic systems; and the newest technologies that make this possible.
He’ll be presenting in the Commercial Aquaponics learning track. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to hear about speakers from the Community Aquaponics, STEM Aquaponics, and Aquaponics Research & Food Safety learning tracks.


Ken Armstrong; Putting Up Shoots Speaker Spotlight

This September at the Putting Up Shoots conference, Ken Armstrong from Ouroboros Farms will talk about his experience on the front-lines of the aquaponics industry in his presentation, “The Future of Aquaponics Is Now”.

Ken will highlight the history of commercial aquaponics and the Aquaponics Association over the last 6+ years. He’ll also talk about the next frontier of industry growth, aquaponics business ideas, and the proven Ouroboros business model.
Participants will hear what it takes to run a commercial farm, how to approach restaurants, and more about the educational opportunities we provide in both aquaponics and general agricultural methods.
Ken is also interested in how we can all work together to ensure that aquaponics has a bight and profitable future… Teamwork!

2018 Aquaponics Association Conference Speakers

Our 2018 Annual Aquaponics Association Conference is getting filled with exciting speakers. This years Putting Up Shoots conference has a great line up ready for you to enjoy and learn from.

Take a look at the list of speakers we have lined up for you this year.

Nick Savidov

Murray Hallam

Ryan Chatterson

Angela TenBroeck

Ken Armstrong

Carlos Leon

Arvind Venkat

As we continue to confirm more names we will add them to our list. We will also be releasing short video clips from last year’s conference so you can get a preview on what to expect this year.

If there are any speakers that you really would like to see please send us an email to ensure they are present at the conference.


Ensure your spot today!

News on Food Safety Modernization Act 2018

One of our Association members has taken the time to create this useful document to give our members an introduction to the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2018 (FSMA). It will affect commercial growers in a different degrees based on gross income.

We will continue to follow this act and how it will affect our members. Juli Ogden from the Farm Plan will be creating follow up documents that we will post on our website. You as a member will have special access these documents as a member benefit.

Join as a member today to get access to documents like this.

Aquaponics History in the Making!

Aquaponics History in the Making!

To date, collaborative aquaponics work in Europe has been conducted under the umbrella of the EU Aquaponics Hub of the European COST program which is coming to an end this year. Practitioners needed a new organization to continue collaborating and sought the advice of the Aquaponics Association of the U.S.

At the end of the conference the top brains got together to plan the next step, and the EU Aquaponics Association was born!

The attendees appointed Ragnheidur Thorarinsdottir from the University of Iceland to be the initial chair of the Association.


When the day was over we gathered to celebrate, and the EU growers proved they can party just as well as us in the U.S.

Many attendees of the EU conference expressed interest in attending the U.S. conference in Hartford, CT this September 21-23. Last year in Portland, OR we had representatives from over 10 countries, maybe we can beat that this year in Hartford?

Get your tickets today!


From Science to Practice

I had the pleasure last week of attending and being a panelist at the EU Aquaponics Hub conference: “From Science to Practice”.

The conference brought together top aquaponics practitioners and researchers from around the world to discuss how to move our practice forward; both in terms of system efficiency and commercial success.

One interesting observation: in Europe aquaponics is driven more by research institutions, whereas in the U.S. it is more from personal “backyard” growers and budding commercial operations.

Also attending from the U.S. were Janelle Hager from Kentucky State University and Ryan Chatterson from Chatterson Farms.

Janelle discussed research trends in the U.S and Ryan presented the most current developments in commercial aquaponics. On my panel we discussed how to quantify and account for the efficiency of aquaponics in our current economic system.

Other notable presentations were from Austin Stankus of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, who discussed how aquaponics is overcoming barriers and being adopted at all levels around the globe; and from Faris Farrag, Manager of Bustan Aquaponics, a large commercial enterprise in Egypt.

Let us continue to collaborate with our friends across the pond!

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