GLOBAL G.A.P. Made Simple Conference Presentation

Here is a video of Juli Ogden’s presentation Global G.A.P. Made Simple from the Putting Out Fruits conference in September 2019. Juli discusses how aquaponic farms can utilize Global G.A.P. certification, and takes questions from the audience.

This video is about 26 minutes long, and is audio-only for the first minute and 20 seconds.

Juli has an upcoming webinar: Organics Made Simple. The webinar will teach aquaponic and hydroponic farmers what they need to obtain Organic certification and boost their profit margins. Watch the free 90-minute Organics Made Simple Intro Video.

And, click here if you’d like to purchase a ticket for the full 4-session webinar. The webinar includes:

  • Four pre-recorded sessions
  • Live online Q&A sessions
  • Participant Binder mailed to your door, including:
    • Policy
    • Forms, Logs and Tracking Systems
    • Internal Audit
    • Reports
    • Risk Assessments
    • Mock Recall
    • Crop Tracking
    • Management Plans
    • Document Gathering
    • On-Farm Checklist
    • Paperwork Checklist
    • Worker Training Program
    • Sign Package
    • Urgent Updates to the Farm Plan
    • Ongoing Support
    • Future Year Updates
    • Organization System
    • Global G.A.P. Made Simple Food Safety “How to Guide”


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