General Membership

$60.00 / year



General Membership

There are many benefits of becoming a member of the Aquaponics Association.  The 2018 membership package includes:

  • Monthly update
  • Access to Aquaponics Association Members and Forum
  • 4 Quarterly Webinars / Conference Call (Hobby, STEM Education, Community & Commercial)
  • 2017 Putting Down Roots Video & Presentation Library
  • Legislative & Regulatory Updates
  • Expert Tips, Checklists and Best Practices from leading experts.
  • White papers-government or other authoritative reports giving information or proposals on an issue.
  • Special Member Discounts

Your membership pays for:

  • Development of industry standards and best practices
  • Infrastructure to connect members and information
  • Creation of public policy that supports the development of aquaponics
  • Research and development
  • Resources to cultivate and develop aquaponics as an emerging green industry.
  • Education and awareness around aquaponics