Grow Your Farm: Global G.A.P. Virtual Workshop Series


GLOBAL G.A.P. Made Simple Virtual Workshop Series
GLOBAL G.A.P. Food Safety Certification Seminar

Live Recorded Sessions Happening on Every Tuesday Starting November  19 and 26, and December 3) 2019 at 9am Pacific Time.
Presented by The Farm Plan and the Aquaponics Association
Taught by Juli Ogden, GLOBAL G.A.P. Farm Assurer

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Grow Your Farm
GLOBAL G.A.P. Made Simple
Food Safety Certification Virtual Workshop Series


Live 2 hour sessions on Tuesday’s. November  19th and 26th, and December 3rd, 2019 and 10th. 

9am Pacific, 10am Mountain, 11am Central and Noon Eastern Time

GLOBALG.A.P. is a food safety certification that applies to all farming methods and works great for aquaponics. Learn the rules of food safety in this virtual workshop while we do about 80% of your annual paperwork together.  Certification allows you to sell crops to larger retailers and is a critical step in growing your farm.


Each attendee will receive by mail a complete GLOBALG.A.P. Made Simple food safety program that includes:

  • Binder
  • Instructions
  • Your 90+ topic Food Safety Policy
  • Required logs and forms
  • Risk assessments and management plans
  • Detailed checklists
  • Worker-Training Program
  • Sign Masters package

The Farm Plan contains only and exactly what is required. You will finish this training with our very detailed On-Farm Checklist firmly in hand and the attitude to get it done.

Four Part Virtual Series Includes:

Part 1:  The Jump Start.  First, a 5 minute “who, what, why, where, when & how” and then we jump right into developing your Farm Policy.

Part 2: Daily Logs and Forms.  Quickly learn which logs apply to your farm and exactly how to use them.

Part 3: Pre-Harvest Risk Assessments. This is the toughest job and we’ll do it together!

Part 4: What to Do.  Worker Training, Signs, Your Audit, Auditors and More Answers!  

Presented by your Aquaponics Association and The Farm Plan
Taught by expert Juli Ogden, GLOBAL G.A.P. Farm Assurer


bout Juli Ogden, Lead Trainer and GLOBAL G.A.P Farm Assurer

In an industry known for complexity, Juli is pioneering a way of doing things that is within reach of every farm, no matter how large or how small.   

She is also a food safety expert, speaker and in her former career, Juli was a real estate expert, author and radio show host for Business Talk Radio and Lifestyle Talk Radio.  Juli was Washington State Small Business Woman of the Year at age 32.  

Her no-nonsense, easy to understand approach to food safety is refreshing and her presentations are packed with tips and advice the audience can apply to their own operations.

Juli became interested in GLOBAL G.A.P when it was required for her Washington state cherry orchard. She teaches food safety from the farmer’s point of view. 



($165. for additional people from the same farm)

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Who needs to be certified?
Farms who want to improve their methods and grow.

Who is The Farm Plan?
The Farm Plan is a small U.S. corporation who helps farms get GLOBALG.A.P. certified.  

What crops need certification?
We work with aquaponics, orchards, row crops – every fruit or vegetable crop, in all locations, using all farming styles.

What is a GLOBALG.A.P. certified Farm Assurer?
The Farm Plan / Juli Ogden has been trained in by GLOBALG.A.P. in the rules, passed their tests and was duly licensed.  It really means they are approved as an independent consultant who works only for farms.  The clients receive full confidentiality.

When do I start?
By starting nopw you give yourself time to assess and make some small improvements.  Don’t let this scare you.  Most farms already grow safe food.  The Farm Plan shows you how to prove it as inexpensively as possible.

When will I be certified
Attend all the sessions.  Using The Farm Plann, attendees learn, ask questions and complete about 80% of the annual paperwork . 

Step 1:  Take the webinar.  

Step 2:  Clean and organize the farm.
Step 3:  Put the paperwork into use for at least three months.
Step 4:  Make your audit appointment
Step 6:  If you follow the steps, you will pass.  Most farms have a few corrections needed after the auditor inspection happens.  That’s ok and normal.  You will be given a list and usually 28 days. Corrections can usually be emailed in.  Your certificate will arrive several weeks after the audit date.

When can I claim my crop is certified?
Your crop can be designated as certified as much as four months into the past and 8 months into the future from your certification date.   ​

Where does The Farm Plan work?

Everywhere.  We travel extensively for custom work and workshops.   Get a group together and we can set up a workshop in your area  If you just want the paperwork and would like to learn on your own that is no problem.  We will ship it to you from our office in Wenatchee, Washington.

Why do I need to be certified?
To maintain and grow your access to all markets. Although, GLOBALG.A.P certification is voluntary, keep in mind that American farms must meet the standards of the US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). GLOBALG.A.P meets most of the FSMA regulations.

How much more can I do in a 24 hour day?
This is a common and logical reaction to food safety.  Translating the written rules into common sense solutions organized into a regular day on the farm is one The Farm Plan’s top goals.

How did The Farm Plan Get Started?
Juli Ogden was required in 2012 to get her cherry orchard certified.  She read every rule over and over – for what it said and what it did not say. She organized the jobs into the seasons of farming and translated the rules into everyday language.  Today, Juli helps farms of all sizes. She creates custom systems for large farms, gives workshops and has a Do-It-Yourself program.

What if I have more than 3 People in my farm that want to take the virtual workshop?
Contact us at for group pricing on four or more attendees.


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