Organics Made Simple




Organic certification for your aquaponic or hydroponic farm!

Pushed out to 2/12/2020 due to an illness.

Webinar Course is led by Juli Ogden of The Farm Plan, and includes:

  • Four pre-recorded sessions
  • Live online Q&A sessions
  • Participant Binder mailed to your door, including:
    • Policy
    • Forms, Logs and Tracking Systems
    • Internal Audit
    • Reports
    • Risk Assessments
    • Mock Recall
    • Crop Tracking
    • Management Plans
    • Document Gathering
    • On-Farm Checklist
    • Paperwork Checklist
    • Worker Training Program
    • Sign Package
    • Urgent Updates to the Farm Plan
    • Ongoing Support
    • Future Year Updates
    • Organization System
    • Global G.A.P. Made Simple Food Safety “How to Guide”

Check out the free Introduction lesson:

Organic crops are in high demand from health-conscious consumers.  Organic certification is quite obtainable for aquaponic, hydroponic and conventional farms. In rapidly increasing numbers, grocers, pack houses, processors and crop brokers require food safety and organic certification for the crops they sell.   Are you already missing sales?

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How?

  • The Farm Plan works for fruit and vegetable crops, every farming style, everywhere.
  • The Farm Plan is a GLOBALG.A.P. certified private company that carefully guides their food safety and ORGANIC certifications. 
  • As a farmer, our CEO makes sure every program is designed from the farm point of view, each task fits into your normal work day.
  • A GLOBALG.A.P. Certified Farm Assurer is a trained and approved independent consultant guiding farms one-on-one to certification. 
  • Begin now with this Aquaponic Association supported workshop.  There’s nothing else like it.
  • GLOBALG.A.P.  meets retailer demand.  
  • ORGANIC CERTIFICATION adds to the high marketability of your crop.  

Need more Information before you decide? 
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About Juli Ogden, Lead Trainer and GLOBAL G.A.P Farm Assurer

In an industry known for complexity, Juli is pioneering a way of doing things that is within reach of every farm, no matter how large or how small. 

She is also a food safety expert, speaker and in her former career, Juli was a real estate expert, author and radio show host for Business Talk Radio and Lifestyle Talk Radio.  Juli was Washington State Small Business Woman of the Year at age 32.

Her no-nonsense, easy to understand approach to food safety is refreshing and her presentations are packed with tips and advice the audience can apply to their own operations.

Juli became interested in GLOBAL G.A.P when it was required for her Washington state cherry orchard. She teaches food safety from the farmer’s point of view.